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Bone Grafting

Regeneration (Bone Grafting) technician holding bone grafting container from Lowen Perio, Tigard, OR Bone grafting can be used to regenerate or "regrow" bone around a tooth. Bone grafts can restore and strengthen the support of the teeth so they can function longer. There are many new technologies available to enhance bone regeneration and the materials used are evolving all the time!

When tooth removal becomes unavoidable, the question of jaw preservation becomes paramount. Without feedback from a tooth, the bone under your gums begins to recede, which can adversely affect the surrounding teeth. A treatment option called ridge preservation can prevent such problems. When a tooth is removed, a hole is left behind. This hole is the socket that the root of your tooth sat in. We can fill the socket with bone graft material and as this area heals, the bone graft will integrate into the bone within your jaw. This can also provide a strong foundation for future dental implant placement.

Ridge Preservation

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